About the Interface

This format is an experiment with providing a responsive interface for reading comics online. For most comics, at wider screen sizes, you should see 2 pages at once. At narrower sizes, you will only see 1 page. If you are seeing 2 pages but they seem too small, try narrowing your browser window, until you only see 1 page at a time.

As you page through, images will be loaded in the background. Unless you have a slow connection and page very fast, it should not be noticeable.

Click/tap towards the right side of the images to page forward, towards the left side to page back.

If you experience any problems or display issues please contact me let me know what the issue is and what device/browser you are using. I have tested in Chrome/Firefox/Safari. IE is not recommended (ever).

Other comics you can view are listed at: viewer.madinkbeard.com

NOTE: This page is best viewed in landscape mode.